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“The wound is where the Light enters.” ~Mawlana Jalal Eddin Rumi (qs)


The depth of our darkness is indicative of the depth of our light. The more darkness we carry, the more space we have to fill with light.


Darkness & light are inverted realities or inverted reflections of each other. The deeper the darkness, the higher the light we can ascend to & embody. The more pain & suffering, the more potential we have to hold & distribute healing & light.


Do not despair beloved, if you are in the pits of your shadows & darkness, know that you can be inversely catapulted into your highest potential, your highest light.

Spirit has put you here because Spirit is awakening your highest potential by walking you through the depths of your soul.


Those with the heaviest burdens have the most healing to offer the world. Those who suffer the most, have the most potential for higher timelines.


Remember the “Law of Inversion” as you traverse the landscape of your pain body. Remember that the universe is organized inversely, with the physical world being an inverted reflection of the spiritual world.


Stay with it beloveds, do not try to run. For on the other side of this moment of suffering, is your highest brightest light.


Some personal advice: If it’s too heavy, too painful, too ugly to carry, ask Spirit to carry it for you. I promise you, Spirit will.


Be well friends! The New Earth is here & waiting for you.

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