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Mental Health Day Special: Coming into Wholeness & Sukuun

It is Mental Health Awareness Day in 2019 and all of us our dealing with mental health to one degree or another! It is my goal to help bring people into their full potential and their authentic healthy whole selves. It is my mission to help people find their place of Sukuun (Stillness and Tranquility) from within. I have committed my practice to helping people achieve WHOLE and COMPLETE health; meaning your mind, body and soul are in balance and alignment; they are all in Sukuun.


I have written quite a bit on healing the whole being and reaching optimal health with Homeopathy & HTMA + Targeted Functional Nutrition. Please consider the following as resources for your mental health healing journey.


Coming Back from Panic Attacks: Healing Anxiety & Exhaustion with Minerals


Emotional Healing: Ways to Heal Your Emotional Body


Healing w/ HTMA


How Can Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Help Me?


Healing Is NOT Linear


Tending Calm: Tea Recipe


Adrenal Cocktails: A Healthy Cocktail for Anxiety, Depression & Insomnia


Sample HTMA + Targeted Functional Nutrition


Top 4 Reasons Why Mineral Nutrition Is So Important 


As a gesture of motivation and because I really want you to get better, this week ONLY you get:

Buy One, Get One 50% OFF on all my Homeopathy & HTMA + Targeted Functional Nutrition Services*


*You will receive a coupon code of 50% OFF, once you have completed checkout of your first purchase. The coupon code is only valid for services equal to or less than the initial purchase. (Offer ends Saturday October 12, 2019).

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