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Why Detox is the Last Resort

Detox detox detox, that’s all the craze in the health world and with good intention. As our external and mental environments becomes more polluted and toxic, so does our internal environments– our bodies. But as a homeopath and health practitioner for over 10 years, I am very cautious with detoxes and use them only as a final stage in the healing process and here’s why…


Self-induced detoxes are aggressive on the body. Our detox pathways– our GI/digestive system, liver, kidneys lungs, and skin– are already detoxing organs. All day and night they are working to remove toxic elements and pollution from our body. The liver and the kidneys being the king and queens of our detox organs are doing their best to keep you alive and healthy every single second of your life, thank them generously for their unrelenting hard work. But because of our high stress and high toxic environments (including the overuse of medications), most of our livers and kidneys are not functioning optimally. They are in toxic overload. Detoxing— which essentially pulls deposited toxins from other tissues and pushes them through the liver and kidneys—exacerbates this overload and put our king and queens further into imbalance and dysfunction. Not to mention it can deplete us of essential minerals and nutrients, which will put our metabolic and cellular processes into further dysfunction. A detox can do exactly the opposite of what we are aiming to fix in our bodies, it can exhaust our detox organs and bring on deeper illness and suffering.


I have found that nourishing the detox pathways and correcting any GI, liver or kidney dysfunction through mineral balancing as indicated by an HTMA* is the best primary course of action. When our digestive system, liver and kidneys are in optimal function they will naturally remove excess toxins from other tissues. They are designed to filter out junk from our systems, so it’s up to us to give them the power and the support to do so.


I have found with almost all of my clients (including children), that once we have been supporting their detox organs and pathways through targeted nutrition and mineral balancing (add to that your own personal homeopathic remedy resonance and you have a winning ticket to achieving optimal health), the body will organically increase its detoxification processes. Just with basic foundational organ support and nourishment, my clients may get an acute detox episode, referred to as a healing crisis in traditional medicines and sometimes an aggravation in homeopathy, or they may detox a little bit over a long period of time. Thus, with the foundational care of mineral balancing and correcting organ and cellular dysfunction through HTMA + Targeted Functional Nutrition (and most often with the help of homeopathy) we don’t usually have to move into an actual detox program that could overload and exhaust vital organs. When the body is brought to optimal health and function, it balances itself out and heals and detoxes on its own.


What about heavy metal poisoning?

Some of you may be asking, but what if my children have heavy metal poisoning like excess lead or aluminum, like the children of Flint, Michigan? (Soapbox moment: I still can’t believe how we are abusing and treating children in this country, we need a collective detox, cleansing and repentance of all the horrible crimes we are committing against children!). If you or your child have heavy metal toxicity as indicated by an HTMA* or serum levels, we would still first begin by supporting detox organs and pathways. Children under the age of 1 cannot do any kind of detox anyway, as their organs are not fully developed yet.


If after we have built up the detox organs into optimal function as indicated through serial HTMA’s and there are still high levels of toxic build up in the system, we can begin a gentle detox. (Copper dysregulation and build up is a whole other story, coming soon!). For kids, I love BioRay’s Kids as they offer both organ support and gentle binders for chelation in the formulas. And for adults I also recommend BioRay’s formulas to help boost organ function and for gentle detoxing when needed. But again, unless there is extreme heavy metal toxicity, most of my clients increase their natural detoxing abilities when we increase their organ functions.


I also offer Homeopathic Isopathic Detoxes, formerly known as Homeopathic CEASE therapy. This therapy uses the disease agent in homeopathic potency to clear and drain toxins. This is a very specific sub-therapy of Homeopathy utilizing of the Law of Similars, which is the fundamental law governing the entire canon of Homeopathic Medicine. This is also quite a difficult detox for the body to endure but can be liberating of very deep disturbances and injuries, especially neurological disturbances and modern modern chronic diseases and disorders like ASD, autoimmune disorders, etc. I also use this as a last resort and only when we have primed the organs and all other gentle chelation methods have been used. Please reach out for more information.


What about emergency or acute illness detoxes?

Of course, in the event of any suspected poisoning (food, chemical or drug) call the poison control center in your region.


In less urgent yet acute poisonings like– food poisoning, gastric flus, hangovers, colds/flus, etc.– a purge could be helpful. For acute flushes, I would recommend a Vitamin C flush.


Whenever I eat a guilty meal (fast food or junk food), I take some activated charcoal after. Activated charcoal is often used for emergent food poisonings and overdoses as it absorbs EVERYTHING! So don’t make activated charcoal a regular thing because it will also absorb all beneficial nutrients from your body. But do use it if you feel you could use a quick internal cleanse of something you shouldn’t have eaten or consumed.


Finally, I have learned with my teacher in Traditional Sufi Medicine how to do liver and gallbladder flushes for those with severe liver or gallbladder problems. This could be a necessary step in priming the liver and gallbladder for optimal function and deeper detoxification. In fact, my teacher M. Ariffin recommends everyone do a liver flush under the supervision of a trained practitioner at least once in their life.


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*“A hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) is a screening test that measures the levels of at least twenty-one minerals and toxic metals present in a sample of hair. Minerals are the ‘spark plugs’ of life and play many important health related roles within the human body. Providing a ‘window into the cells’, hair makes an excellent biopsy material and reveals a clear record of mineral metabolism. Hair, like all other body tissues, contains minerals that are deposited as the hair grows. Although the hair is dead, the minerals remain as the hair continues to grow. The minerals and toxic metals are locked inside the hair during the growth stage as the body uses it for the storage and elimination of minerals.


A hair tissue mineral analysis reflects long term activity as it measures an average of mineral accumulation over a three-month period of time. This is often an advantage as the test results are not influenced by day to day variations in the body chemistry due to stress, diet or other factors. Creating a blueprint of one’s individual biochemistry, a HTMA can assist in identifying mineral patterns which may be associated with stress, blood sugar and carbohydrate imbalances, metabolic rate, biochemical energy production and glandular imbalances. HTMA is Used worldwide to measure environmental contamination with toxic metals in soil, plans and human and animal populations.


Screening tests (like all tests) do have limitations and ideally should be used in conjunction with other other examinations. This test is provided to assist the health care professional in identifying nutritional and toxic elements that play a role in human health. The contents of this analysis are not intended to be diagnostic.” ~ From Analytical Research Labs, Inc.


Would you like to look through the “window of your cells’ and see your own personal “biochemical blueprint”?

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