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Some people are committed to misunderstanding you as a way of coercing energy from you.


If someone has a bad opinion of you, that is their problem. Internalizing it means that you have now made it your problem & you are feeding that misperception with your own energy.

Let them sit in & manage their own misperceptions of you which are all really based on their own self-hatred & self-betrayal. Don’t give in to the manipulation.

They are committed to misunderstanding you because you are showing a darkness within them that they are too afraid or ashamed to face & thus project the work they need to do unto you. Don’t do their work.


You are not responsible for managing anyone’s perceptions but your own!


[This is the self-talk I just had with myself after being cussed out by some stranger on IG because I “wasn’t the friend” she wanted me to be & after I asked her twice to stop violating my boundaries & my freedoms. I wrote a post the other day about codes of conduct on my IG page & in my spaces & now I’ve gotten confirmation to just go ahead & block at first violation. Thanks crazzzzy bitch for making it clear to me & for giving me the chance to reassert my boundaries! ]

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