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The Great Pyramids

The Great Pyramids of Giza were not tombs despite the official narrative. You know me, official anything is bunk but especially official history which is written by the powerful.


According to indigenous elders who have since passed on, the pyramids were harmonic healing structures that also likely generated & produced energy. Till today, I am certain the pyramids regulate planetary energetics & are portals to metaphysical realities.


The table you see in the central chamber of the great pyramid is where a sick person would lie down & the physician would then diagnose & treat the patient through sound harmonics. For this reason, we said some prayers & did some Sufi Chanting [zikr/rememberance] of “Huuuuuuu” inside the great pyramid. Listen to how the sound builds up in the videos– it most definitely is a harmonic healing chamber.


The Sufis say that our Prophet Sayidna Idris [as] (Enoch in Judeo-Christian tradition, Thoth in Ancient Egypt or Hermes in Ancient Greece) taught jinn (free will beings that we cannot see but they can see us) the secrets of the pyramids & they built it. Till today, many locals believe jinn built the pyramids & the whole theory about slaves building it was debunked ages ago & is a colonizer story. I hope y’all still don’t believe that ish. There are way too many metaphysical mysteries about them that are dismissed in the materialist sciencist paradigm & history is best kept w/ its original peoples.


Also, I think camels are my spirit animal! They are so freaking chill & trusting. They’re like “If I eat, cool. If I don’t eat, no worries, it’ll come.” They only eat twice a week! They glide across the sand in no hurry & do exactly what you tell them, “You want me to sit, ok sure. You want me to walk a thousand miles in the desert, no problem I gotchu.” They are the manifestation of Divine Neutrality! I mean look how alien they look! I LOVE me some camel medicine.


If you want some hear about the pyramids & ancient Egypt from an indigenous elder, watch Pyramid Code on Netflix. An indigenous hakim (healer) from the area shared some incredible secrets before passing away a few years ago. 🌌

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