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Mother’s intuition has kept the human species alive all these hundreds & thousands of years. No, its not know-it-all” men in white coats w/ heaps of lab data yelling “It’s Science” that has kept us alive & thriving. It’s parent love & intuition that has sustained human life for eons. And as parents we are gifted this Divine Support of parent love & intuition when our babies are born.


In this photo you see us gazing into the Eternal– mother & baby speaking universal love codes through divine gaze. This is me as a newborn mama, 3 days after an unnecessary cesarean in Egypt w/ no lactation or doula support. Even though I had no idea that I was being initiated into the one of the most vulnerable & challenging human states– at this moment you can see from our mutual gaze that both mom & baby are already resourced & in communication through timeless love. Parent & child are looking, seeking & remembering Spirit in each other. As the archetype of cosmic unconditional Divine Love, the parent-child contract is amongst the highest forms of God’s Love manifested on earth.


How can we honor & nurture the precious spark of Divine Love & Compassion that we’ve been blessed to carry & guard during this lifetime? How do we model authenticity, integrity, confidence, self-agency, autonomy & sovereignty? How do we tap into Divine Guidance through our intuition? How do we reclaim & revive the sacred gifts of parenting & childhood?

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