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Dear Parents,

Have you have felt something is off about the handling of our children during this pandemic?


Are you confused or do you get a sense that things are not right?


Have you felt icky about the current situation with schools & our kids?


Are you afraid to express your concerns or ask difficult questions about the official response? Are you afraid to challenge it?


Are you afraid to even think certain thoughts? [Especially the ones that don’t fit in with the mainstream narrative].


Are you getting a sense that you are being manipulated or coerced?


Do you feel you or your child are being mis-treated, dehumanized, scapegoated, manipulated, neglected or abused by the system?


Are you feeling gaslighted? Are you afraid?


Are you choosing external authority over your own inner guidance?


Are you able to follow your intuition as a parent amongst all this noise?


Are you constantly thinking “wtf is really going on?!”


Well, I am here to affirm: everything you are feeling & thinking right now as a parent is 100% valid. I for one am done being gaslighted by the official narrative & I am done pretending that nothing is wrong.


I choose to empower myself & my children by showing them how to honor their own inner knowing, agency & authority by demonstrating trust of my own internal GPS. I know what I feel & see. & as a parent i know deep in my heart that something dangerously criminal is happening around us & against our kids.


As a former classroom teacher w/ a Masters in Teaching, i know that what is happening with schooling in California is not only failing our children but damaging them.


I will not deny my own intuitive guidance & inner knowing. Nor will I betray our children by silencing my concerns for the sake of not being called names or bullied by these corporate techno-centered narratives, abuses & social pathologies.


This is a huge pivotal moment for us parents! How do we stand in truth & integrity for the sake & health of our children?

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