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The Universe in Ecstatic Motion

Today’s message: “We are not afraid of what we think we’re afraid of.”


The crime of colonization is that it restructured our reality– down to our own thoughts & perceptions. it changed the way we think, we perceive, we relate to the earth, to each other, to ourselves. it steals access to ourselves because it posits itself as supreme knower. it denies that which we know from our gut, from our bodies, from our cellular memory, from our heart knowing, which were all valued means of accessing truth in our traditions until colonization rendered our modes of knowledge primitive, weak, ignorant & backwards. colonization has us believing that we are banished to victimhood because of inferior modes of being & knowing. that our intuitive subtle guidance is less valid than rational/logical thinking.


But we are eternally resourced with all that is good and holy. “We are the universe in ecstatic motion.” ~ Mawlana Jallal Eddin Rumi (qs)


Message for today: Remember who you are!

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