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Confronting Darkness

Darkness relies on you not believing in it.


Evil does not always come clad in a devil’s suit or as orange colored racists posing as the President of the US. Evil is deceptive. It comes through the back door. It dresses like a president & talks like a president, it will even wear a BLM badge & say pretty things. Because evil relies on you denying it’s there at all & choosing deception over truth.


The moment we choose to believe a lie when we have seen the truth, we have chosen darkness.


The moment we choose fear over faith, we have chosen shadow.


The moment we choose to deny our own capacity for darkness, we have empowered it.


Denial is the language of darkness & denial depends on our arrogance.


For the first time in human history after thousands & thousands of years of every single culture & tradition agreeing on the universal principle of dark energies as real forces in the universe; here we come in the height of our modern human arrogance w/ our so called know-it-all “science” & we decide that we have the right to restructure the entire order of the cosmos by denying the existence of darkness all together. who tf do we think we are? & look at what this denial has resulted in– the 20th century is the bloodiest in human history.


Evil is only amplified when we pretend its not there. It relies on you not believing in it.


Everything we see outside us is a reflection of our inner psyche. Think of the person you hate the most in the world, the person you think is the most evil– now accept that this person is in you & that the only way to save the world from this person’s horror is to hold your own inner darkness in compassion & light. This is also a universal truth, consistent with every spiritual tradition & also Jungian psychology.


Everyone needs an escort of love & compassion when traversing the shadows of our psyche. Please be sure to seek out support & may you be guided by masters of light.


“I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being.” ~Hafez

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