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Truth is the loneliest place…

“When you believe in a truth you need no support. When you believe in a lie you have to have support, you cannot sustain it alone.”~ Carolyn Myss


Truth is a lonely place to be. This year I’ve lost more “support” than ever before (personal & professional) because I consciously choose my inner knowing & authority over external authority, fear mongering & coercion al7. It is my choice but it is not easy, as my ego is getting no accolades.


Once, when I asked my spirit guides why I’m here on earth, my sufi master pointed to the earth & told me “to explain to them.” I dont know what I am to explain or to whom– so everyday I ask “what do you want me to explain today?” What comes through is what you see & hear from me here on the gram & in my blogs. A lot of times I am happy & eager to share, & other times I’m scared, frustrated, worried about what people will think & if I will be hated, humiliated, etc.


Because the truth is that truth is not popular, it’s difficult to sit with. Truth hurts because it requires self accountability– it reveals our inner demons, our fears, our insecurities, our weaknesses. Going along with lies requires no inner work.


But as hard & lonely as it may be, my heart’s prayer is to stay on haqq/truth because truth is sustained by the Divine & lies are sustained by group think.


“Groups need to cling together. Thats how you become connected to evil. It requires your soul. That is why you abdicate your soul and it is your soul power, your life force, thats keeping the illusion alive. Whereas if u believe in truth, grace keeps your soul alive, truth sustains you. But your soul sustains a lie. Thats why it depletes you. You are a generator for a lie but heaven fills you with truth. This is why when you are truly filled w truth, people will come to you, they are blessed from that energy. They drink from that energy & it never burns you out. God gives you the well because its not your well. It’s not from me its through me, it doesn’t burn me out.” ~Caroline Myss


Bravery is choosing inner knowing over outside validation. Ya Allah make me brave!


Please pray for me. And prayers for you too.


Photo by @jilazand

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