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[[ natural medicines :: trauma + shock + terror ]]

It is important to tend to our mental/emotional bodies as well as our nervous systems in moments of trauma, shock and terror. Here are some quick affordable and easy recommendations.


Homeopathic Aconite 200c or 1M :: Homeopathic Aconite is an energetic nerve tonic and nervous system regulator. It is indicated for any kind of trauma // shock to the physical or emotional bodies or acute states of sudden fright // panic // anxiety // terror. [Found at most health foods shops].


Nettles Tea :: Stinging nettles tea the Super-Hero of herbal medicines. It is an a mineral and vitamin rich herbal adaptogen– regulating stress hormones and the nervous system, nourishing the adrenals, blood, immune and electrical systems with micro and macro nutrients, trace minerals, and electrolytes. It is called an herbal multi-vitamin by herbalists. It is sedating, calming and enriching. [Found at most supermarkets and health food shops].


Oatstraw Tea :: Oatstraw is like Stinging nettles but with even higher amounts sedating minerals. It a poweful nerve toning/tuning multi-nutrient herb with a lovely soothing and calming light taste. [Found at most health foods shops]. .


Dr. Bach’s Rescue Remedy is a combination of flower essences that work on the subtle body to regulate feelings of panic and anxiety. Flower essences heal the emotional body. It comes as drops, sprays, gums and candies. [Found at most health food shops].


Salt baths are cleansing and enriching. Salts absorb and purify while also delivering much needed minerals to the nervous system, adrenal gland and the body. [use epsom salts or any kind of unrefined natural salt]. .


Magnesium Chloride (magnesium salts often comes as sea water) is the fastest way to delivery nerve toning and adrenal enriching magnesium to the body. You can spray on your feet before bed.


Electrolytes in water provide nourishment for the adrenal glands and nervous system which are burning through essential minerals when in states of panic, trauma, fear or anxiety.


Adrenal Cocktails for an instant energy boost, to calm nerves and to support over-stressed adrenal glands!


See www.sukuunholistics.com or www.healingstudioonline.com.for more info or personalized support.


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