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Nutritional Balancing: Optimizing Your Health During the COVID Pandemic

Are you looking to level up on your health right now? Do you want to make sure your body, immune system and detox organs are in optimal function during this pandemic? Have you been wanting to fix your diet or go on a detox but not sure what is best for you?


Well, I’m so happy to be able to offer you a solution to what you are seeking. For over a year now I have been helping people balance their systems and optimize their health through a personalized nutrition plan based on a Hair & Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA).

Nutritional Balancing is foundational to mental, emotional and physical health– see this awesome meme by The Holistic Psychologist who places Nutritional Balancing and Gut Health as the top priority for balancing the mind and body. Also check out my many blogs on HTMA + Nutritional Balancing listed on the main page.

An HTMA allows us to see your mineral and nutritional patterns for the last 3 months, as it offers a window into your own personal biochemical blueprint. What does that mean exactly? An HTMA tells us how you are digesting and metabolizing nutrients and how your gut, liver, kidneys, adrenal glands, thyroid and immune system are working by revealing to us any mineral, nutritional and heavy metal imbalances, deficiencies or excesses. I then offer you a targeted nutrition plan based on your specific needs to correct any imbalances and optimize your health.


How does it work?

Well, it’s super easy actually and all can be done remotely. I send you a hair sample collection kit in the mail. You send in your hair sample (about 1 square inch of scalp hair) to the lab, in the self addressed envelope provided in the kit. I get your test results back, I analyze them for you and I send you a super exhaustive list of recommendations. As you can see from the quote above, my analysis and recommendations are beyond comprehensive and could potentially be the most information you’ll ever get on how your body is working and what it needs.


What do my recommendations include?

My recommendations include a targeted nutrition and supplement plan with the following:

  • A Dietary Game Plan— a plan to clean up your diet and optimize your metabolism with recommendations on which foods are best and not best for you. The game plan also tells you how much to eat of specific foods daily or weekly and it is mostly a temporary plan. We will aim to bring your gut, metabolism, immune system and all your glands back into balance through an individualized nutrition plan based on your specific nutritional needs and the game plan is usually for about 3-4 months (about the time we may be in quarantine!).

  • A Targeted Supplement Plan— a list of supplements with recommendations and links on which brands to get. These supplements are mostly temporary and aim to support your system in correcting any nutritional imbalances that are associated with dysfunction in specific glands and systems. By bringing your organs and systems back into function, you will experience better overall health and increased energy.

  • Detox Support– A lot of the diet and supplement plan also works on optimizing your detox pathways, which is important for maintaining a healthy immune system and overall functional health.

  • Gut Health Support– The nutrition and supplement plan aims to optimize your gut health, the place where energy is first utilized and metabolized! A healthy gut also means a healthy immune system (80% of our immune system is in our gut) and a healthy mind!

This is perhaps the most extensive of foundational care out there and most of my clients report similar feelings as the one quoted above. They often say the information and support is a lot and more than they ever expected, essentially you get a lot more than you pay for. In fact, it’s usually so much that when moms come to me saying they want to do their own HTMA and all their kids, I say just do yourself and one kid for now because any more than that could be hard to manage.


So there is no time like now to embark on this journey. Since the recommendations and dietary game plan are extensive and aimed for 3-4 months time, it’s perfect for the current stay at home order.


If you were planning on embarking on a detox, a new diet or just want to know more about how to make your lifestyle more conducive to health while we all sit at home and watch things unfold, this may be the solution you were looking for.


Find out more on HTMA + Nutritional Balancing here and reach out if you have any questions or concerns!


For people interested in doing and HTMA + Nutritional Balancing and are living in the state of New York our outside the US, please contact me here.

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