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I have a strange paranormal story to tell you. Funny how when you call in the energy to work w/ something, you get major activations.


Here’s the story… my sister who’s in California got vertigo a few months ago.


A few weeks later & after I had done my first Family Constellation workshop I got vertigo too! I’m all the way in Egypt!


It’s been on & off for weeks w/ increased intensity the last few weeks as I approach the upcoming container on Root Revival: Ancestral Healing w/ Homeopathy.


Weird right?!


Some may call this a coincidence but “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.”


In homeopathy no illness, accident or imbalance is random. All of it is pointing to our ultimate healing & freedom.


So although this vertigo has been a literal pain in my neck, not to mention nauseating AF, I’m surrendering to it as a step towards healing my ancestral lineage.


Metaphysically, vertigo is often a sign that one is afraid to look at something or that there’s an imbalance between my inner & external reality.


So though I don’t know what this all means yet, I’m accepting that something is being called back into alignment between my inner & outer dimensions and that when I’m ready, I’ll be able to look at whatever I’m afraid of seeing head on.


I’m assuming this fear is ancestral because of how this vertigo started.


I trust Folliculinum (the energy of the human ovary) to support me through this process & I also invite you to join me in the upcoming container to do this work together.


Because as you can see from this story, I’m right here in the trenches with you. I’m doing the work right along side you in all my containers.


The group setting is a way to support & witness each other’s healing & help each other make the necessary shifts in perspective & awareness.


There’s something powerful about healing in a group, especially when working on healing *THE group* like one’s ancestral lineage.


The quantum ripple of healing that occurs w/in a group container is palpable & you very quickly begin to notice people around you & even whole groups of people around you shifting & healing too.

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