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What Happens To One, Happens To All

The physical, emotional & mental bodies are not separate operating systems but are interdependent, interrelated & interfunctioning.


The nervous system could be seen as the place where the three bodies meet, interface & communicate.


In fact we could easily say, that we’ve also inherited our nervous system from our ancestors, our family & the communities we grew up in. Just as we have an individual bodies & nervous systems we also have collectively attuned bodies & nervous systems.


Whatever symptoms are appearing on our physical, emotional or mental bodies are likely manifestations of a flight, fight or freeze response held in our energetic body & is being expressed into those bodies via our nervous systems.


So it’s not really possible to differentiate dis-ease expression as taking place only on one of our bodies because what is happening on one is happening on all.


But it can be helpful for identifying, witnessing & healing ancestral shadows & knowing what is really ours & what isn’t.


“A soul borrows a property from the sphere of the Genius (archetypal realm). And a more concrete property from the physical world. And as it borrows this property along with this transaction. It takes upon it the obligation & taxation as well as the responsibilities which are attached to the property. Very often the property is not in proper repair and damage has been done to it. And it falls to his lot, to repair it. And if there be a mortgage on that property, that becomes his due. Together with the property he becomes the owner of the records and the contracts on the property, which he owns. And this is the secret of what is called karma, which makes the soul know of its existence.”

~Sh. Inayat Khanق


Please note that this is by no means an exhaustive list, just some generals we may experience through our own particular karmic script & individual blueprint. Of course there are overlaps & all are interrelated!

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