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Sayida Zaynab (ra) & Divine Feminine

She came to me in lime & emerald green robes of light, bedazzled, sparkling & jeweled.


The queen, mother of grief & soverign authority; daughter of Al Zahraa (ra) who is daughter of Pure Consciousness & the Rose of The Divine… & of Imam Ali, God’s Lion & Door to the City of Divine Knowledge.(ra)


She is the only adult survivor from our beloved Prophet’s (sas) family at the massacre of Karbala on Ashura, who threw her body over the last surviving child of Sayidna Hussein, her brother & the beloved grandson of Prophet & master of warrior light (ra), to save the child Zein Abdeen’s life. (ra)


She is the beaten down woman channeling the voice of Divine Justice & Truth… who addressed the court of the tyrant Yazid, & as a prisoner spoke directly into the face of her family’s own violent oppressor after witnessing the brutal martyrdom of her own children, nieces, nephews and brothers. (ra)


She holds the keys to moving through these times we’re in.🔑


She is representive of the primordial wound, the great fracture from our Divine Mother.


She is the portal to rose consciousness, of the new earth.🌐


She is divine feminine in union with the healed masculine.


She is a pathway to developing taqua, absolute trust & surrender to the Divine.


She seeds in us the healing of our wounded feminine, or the grieving mother, the orphaned queen, the persecuted woman, the sole surviving witness.


She pours the tears of loss and exile into the pools of alchemical spin.


She brings us from our knees to the power of the mother goddess, to Shakti, the birther of Divine Love.


She teaches us how to regenerate through destruction & to surrender however painful to the devastation of Love.


She sows life in us from grief & death.


And she is the return of God’s Presence on earth.


She is Sayida Zaynab (ra) & this is her moulid (the celebration of her birth on the earth plane) at her shrine and tomb in Cairo.


May we always be under her guardianship, guidance & gaze. 💚🤲🏾💚

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