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Tough Truths

Stop denying reality just because you don’t like it. The truth doesn’t stop being true because you don’t like it.


Nothing in nature goes away when you deny its reality. On the contrary, that which we deny or resist only grows & persists.


One of the greatest tricks the devil ever pulled was convincing you that you’re entitled to always feeling good, that you’re not supposed to feel discomfort.


Suppressing the truth because it hurts is akin to putting bandaids on symptoms instead of treating the root cause of illness. It doesn’t make it go away, it only deepens and prolongs the suffering.


The only way out of suffering is through, by looking at the truth even when it hurts.


Ask yourself: what am I not looking at simply because it sucks? And then ask for the courage and strength to look at it. 🙏🏽

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