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Through you, Through me

A reminder as I find continued solace in my lifelong lone wolf phase & as I struggle w/ the motivation to re-enter society & community.


I just don’t fit in here on this planet, never did & never will. I’ve had to except this hard lesson multiple times in my life but this time has been the hardest.


And then i’m reminded by my teachers that we are all here for each other– either to trigger or to support our growth, expansion & ascension.


Everything that happens is an invitation to increase our closeness & surrender to The Divine. Everything is from Supreme Love.


And so even the people that piss me off the most [which just so happens to be the entire human collective at the moment] are here to teach me something– to show me my personal path to God.


We are here as mirrors to each other, to reflect what is in our hearts & minds to one another. So that we can purify & polish our emanations & shine our unique divine light onto our world.


God Loves you through me & me through you.


All Praise to The Most High! 🤲🏾📿🤲🏾

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