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I’m often asked what kind of nutritional recommendations I make for my HTMA + Nutritional Balancing service & my answer is always: I make individualized recommendations based on traditional food systems.


I give you a targeted nutrition plan based on your specific mineral deficiencies & excesses that is rooted in the principles & values of traditional foods & cuisines.


This my typical Egyptian breakfast, which encapsulates some of the universals of most food traditions:

◇Baladi Eggs (Pastured Local Breed Chicken) fried in Buffalo butter: Almost all food traditions have either animal or animal byproducts as a commoner food cause they are nutrient dense! So dense, I can’t really do them justice here, but please look it up! 🙂

◇Gibna Kareesh w/ a sprinkle of black seed. This is usually translated to cottage cheese but it takes more like labna or kefir cheese w/ the texture of a soft feta maybe. In addition to having many of the same nutrients as the above, this also has probiotics. & black seed is a medicinal seed so potent, Prophet Mohamed (s) says “it can cure anything but death.”

◇Egyptian Arugula: We love this bitter! I down handfuls of this with breakfast usually. Bitters are the best liver food, as they increase bile flow & level up liver function, which is the commander in chief of the body. The liver is responsible for over 500 transactions & conversions in the body. A healthy liver means a healthy body. Hakim @salimkhan of Mohsin Health says eating a bitter everyday can help prevent cancer.

◇Cucumber: a cooling, hydrating & grounding vegetable.

◇olives: cuz yum! but also cuz they are also an amazing food for the liver, for the gut, pickled probiotic, astringent & super mineral food. + super sacred.

◇Traditional Egyptian bread: this is ancient, sacred & perfect. So much more to say on this but for now, im gluten sensitive in the US but not with this bread! 🥰

◇a drizzle of cumin, pink salt & olive oil over everything– I have to let you look up the nutrition on these cuz im out of writing room!


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