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Upgrades Are Initiations

Upgrades are initiations. So like all initiations you have to go through uncomfortable seemingly impossible challenges to level up.


You can’t get to the next level of the video game without passing through the challenges of the one before.


The trials & difficulties of the initiation are brought to you by none other than your higher self & your heaven’s team.


Because your ego personality can’t see the whole story, your purpose or your destiny, it will experience the leveling up as pain, maybe even suffering.


When you can rest in the truth that even though you might not like whats happening, heaven brought you to exactly where you are right now to bring you closer to your destiny.

Then the elevation of your soul & the changes in your material reality happen quickly, powerfully & in accordance w/ divine decree.


If you resist the change & refuse to move through it, your heaven’s team will increase the discomfort, pain & suffering. Your angels will make things difficult & miserable till you accept its time to change.


Your higher self will collude with your heaven’s team to fire you from your job, break up a relationship, give you a sickness & do whatever it takes to being you to your highest purpose & destiny.


The more you resist, the harder & slower the leveling up gets.


The more you follow the signs, embrace the call & go with the flow, the easier, quicker & more supported the process is.


Surrendering means to surrender to that which we don’t like, not just that which our ego approves.


And surrendering is where & when miracles happen– when the entire universe & your heaven’s team will conspire to support you.



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