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Zero Ring Worm Campaign

One month post our episode w/the disease that cannot be named, we all get infected by ring worm from our new kitten Basbousa, the one on the left. Georgio Vitaly is the kitten on the right & never developed ring worm.


My daughter who had zero symptoms from the disease that can’t be named got a horrendous, itchy, painful breakout of ring worm from the cat all over her body. The ring worm infection turned out waaaayyyy worse for my kids than you know who a month ago.


For this reason we decided to do our part for humanity & help eradicate ring worm from the face of the earth by applying the same public health measures for the disease that can’t be named to our zero-ring worm campaign at home.*


Here is what we will be doing*:

•Each member of the household, including the cats, will be isolated & confined indefinitely. The best way to avoid transmission is to cut any contact off between us & the world for good. Even though Vitaly is asymptomatic, he too will be isolated because you never know, the asymptomic superspreaders are the worst!


The cats & the kids will be offered food thru a window, kind of like you know prison cells, & they will never be petted, stroked or played with again. Ring worm spreads quickly & has devasted the household so better just to never touch the cats or each other from now on.


•Each member will be required to wear clothes over our breathing holes, including the cats. B/c fungus also lives in the gut & can be transferred through saliva. Too risky.


•Each member including the cats,will be required to wear fully body protection b/c the fungul spores live on the skin, so we can’t take any chances.


•Everyone, including the cats, will be required to get weekly injections of an experimental anti-fungal. Fungi are super intelligent so we need to give boosters every week if we want to eradicate this fungus completely. Anyone who refuses will not eat.


•Once the humans have healed we’ll start regrouping again but stand 6 feet apart from each other. Don’t worry we’ll never get closer than 6 feet & the cats will never be in our presence again.


I know it’s a lot but its a small sacrifice for the greater good.✊🏽


*This is satire yo!

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