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Acute episodes are the place where the light enters you.


Acute illnesses & emotional triggers are opportunities for the body or the psyche to release disturbances that will otherwise become chronic if suppressed.


Treating symptoms or denying emotions does not heal anything. On the contrary, it deepens dis-ease and turns them into chronic conditions or shadow patterns & behaviors.


Only when we allow an acute episode, whether it be physical or emotional, to be witnessed & move through us can it be healed & released.


All chemical drugs of the current medical model treat only symptoms. If there’s a headache, take a pain medication. If there’s a a fever, take an anitpyretic & stop the fever. If you’re sad, take some drugs & forget about it.


Don’t get me wrong, sometimes there’s a need & a place for suppression… i.e. when one is not safe.


But once safety is established, allowing the wound to be witnessed is how we heal it.


Come learn how to manage acutes and turn wounds into light in the…


🚨 Homeopathy for Families Online Course🚨

Self-Paced Program in SSOHASS Wisdom Vault


💧homeopathy at home for first aid & common ailments, &

💧how we turn matter into energy and use remedies of natural frequenciesto heal at the root cause (i.e. at the energetic level)

In this course you learn how to use a basic homeopathy kit & most commonly used homeopathic remedies for most common ailments including:

✔First Aid



✔Eye Complaints



✔Sore Throats




✔Stomach Upsets

✔Skin Issues

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